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I came runner up for Hobbycraft’s Dressmaking Challenge!

Now i was having a look through the Hobbycraft’s blog back in June and came across the Dressmaking competition and i thought well why not?!

I decided to enter my Trench Coat as my entry as i felt really accomplished that I had made my 1st Coat ever and was really pleased of how well it looks and fits.


Here’s what i had written as part of my entry:

Now this is my 1st ever Coat and you know what is was really nice to sew and quite easy as long as you read the instructions and not to rush ahead lol! I’ve always wanted to sew my own coat and I thought I would also write up a tutorial too to show people that it can be quite rewarding of making your coat that fits you perfectly!

Now with looking at all the other entries after I had posted mine, i thought nah i don’t have a slightest chance but low and behold i had a lovely email from Hobbycraft to let me know that i had came runner up in the competition!

You can see the winner and other runner ups hereΒ there is some gorgeous garments there!

I received these lovely lot through the post a couple of days later:


So with my Giftcard, I decided to treat my boys to some summer crafting to keep them entertained for a little but during the summer holidays! I hope…..


Sal xx


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