#Stitching Santa Parcel of goodies!

Happy Boxing Day girls and guys! Hope you all had a great Christmas Day with the ones you love! I sure did, with plenty of good food and drink :mrgreen:

The lovely Carmen sent me this ever so massive parcel from all the way from America for Stitching Santa! I was overwhelmed by the amount of things she had sent me! There is so much!!!





I don’t know where to start! Again thank you to Carmen for sending me such a fabulous Christmas present!

Have a great Boxing Day!

Sal xx

4 thoughts on “#Stitching Santa Parcel of goodies!

  1. Wow – all those patterns!! Is that different coloured jewellery wire I see there as well? Some lovely fabric, too – what a wonderful and varied parcel you’ve got. Thanks for being a part of the swap, hope you enjoyed it:)

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  2. It’s metalic thread never used it before so it’ll be good to use it! It’s been great being a part of it it was great to get a stitching parcel all ready and sent out and to receive one is awesome 😀

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