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Things are hotting up, Up North

Oh yes it’s nearly upon us peeps! Becca has kindly given you all the info you need if your attending!!

Red W Sews

Hi there!

Today’s blog post may be slightly light on sewing, but it’s very full of plans.

Sally and I met up today to get some more detail into our plans for Sew Up North, 3 whole weeks away! And it’s all starting to look pretty good.


We will start the day out with an all important coffee stop at Costa Coffee on Briggate(currently hidden behind lots of scaffolding). The shop has a large seating section downstairs, so if you head down there, we will be there between 10 and 10:30, allowing time for caffeine, cake, goody bags and chat!

We will then head out into the fabric shops of Leeds! Obviously, Sally and I have been sampling these for you to ensure that they are suitable for ladies of taste and we can happily report that there are rich pickings to be had.

Our main source of entertainment…

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