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A snuggly Jersery Dress for me…….again lol!!!

Hello everyone!

Today I’m showing you the Ballet Dress from DIYDixie. I came across this pattern from Amy at Almond Rocks as it looked real cute and easy to make and thought well why not I haven’t used Jersery yet as a Dress so lets live dangerously!!


The Fabric is called Fawn Silhouette on Forest Green Its a Cotton Jersey Blend Knit Fabric and its really soft to touch which is perfect for a fitted Jersery Dress! The Fawn are just the right size too at  4.12 cm tall and 3.49 cm wide. It’s a real dream to sew with too i didn’t have to resort to my even feed foot like i normally would do with Jersery/Knits as my Singer likes to eat them otherwise but this went through ah okay! So a win win with me as it meant it was a lot quicker to work with :).


The Pattern itself is only 6 pieces!! Hurrah no fiddly Darts or overlocking the seam allowances as its a knit and it doesn’t fray!! Yes with being 20 pages it was a bit fiddly to piece them together but persevere it is sooo worth it!


Now here’s my kit all ready to start cutting!


Now this Dress came together extremely quickly! So if i was child free for the afternoon I would of completed it its just that easy.

Front of the Dress:


Back of the Dress:


Moi showing the beauty!


The only fiddly bit i had trouble with was with the Collar where i had to cut a larger size out to make it fit so I’m not sure what happened when i cut it out originally! lol

But here it is:

A big thank you for Mark at GirlCharlee for providing me the fabric to use and to review, I will be certainly be using them to buy my jersey knits for my future projects as they are plenty of fun and quirky prints which you never find anywhere else.

So please click on the link on my sidebar where you will receive 10% off for new customers and free shipping, so whats stopping you having a nosey?! Happy shopping!

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