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Deer and Doe’s Plantain T-shirt

Hey all!!

Sorry I have been a bit quiet on the blog I’ve been busy making a dress for both myself and my mum for my cousins wedding which is this Sunday! I’ll be blogging about them soon once I get to wear it with all my accessories esp my irregular choice shoes!!! 😍

Now I seem to have plenty of dresses but no separates and when going through my stash and my browsing my many PDF patterns that. Soon forget about, I came across Deer and Doe’s Plantain T-shirt. With it 3 different sleeve options and optional elbow patches I thought well why not?!

I had about 0.75 metre of navy warm jersey left over from the Batwing Jumper which is available from Whitetree fabrics and some scraps of Fabric for the elbow patches.

Upon reading the sizings I went the size 40 for a nice fit without it being baggy as with myself being petite it doesn’t do me any favours.

Now with sewing jersey it was a real quick sew to say you had to pieced oddles of pages together to make the pattern then cut out the fabric and sew together even with the 2 boys of mine causing havoc! I managed to get this completed in about 3 hours as you only trim the seams down, no need to finish them as jersey doesn’t fray win win in my book! I decided to use some Art Gallery Jersey for the elbow patches instead of the Red Cranes cotton as it looks better in my opinion.


When my hubby came in from work and told him that I made it in an afternoon he was shocked that I managed to get it done lol he words were it looks really professional and your getting quick now. Thank you Mr K!


Ill be back next week to show off my lovely dress that I’ve made for Sunday, I’m really proud of myself of how I added my own touches to it to make it my own and of course to wear my beautiful irregular choice shoes too!

Have a fab bank holiday weekend and I’ll have a drink for you too! 😂

Sal xx


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