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1st pair of handmade knickers!! Go me!!

Good evening peeps!How are you all this fine Tuesday evening?

Now after going through some of my fabric stash I came across this little kit from Issue 9 of Simply Sewing Magazine.

For some reason I had kept the kit and templates but not the magazine itself with the instructions in!!! Numpty!!


Thankfully, the lovely Michelle from Simply sewing Magazine sent me the instructions by email after I tweeted my stupid mistake so it wasn’t all lost after all!! Hurrah!

Now I cut the medium size as I do like comfy knickers not the ones that cut in and go to places you don’t want them lol!!

Now with this picture they look huge!! But don’t fear once you get the elastic sewn on they look super!!


Here’s a pic of sewing of the elastic on and it’s really is that easy you just need to keep it stretched whilst sewing šŸ˜€


Now here’s the complete knickers!


Now aren’t they adorable I love the polka dot print and neon coral elastic trim.

I think I’ll be making a few more of these now I know what I’m doing lol I’m not sure why I have waited so long!!

So if you’re hesitating to have a go then don’t they are a joy to sew up!!

If you do have any questions give me a shout!

Sal xx


5 thoughts on “1st pair of handmade knickers!! Go me!!

  1. What a great free gift! I tried knickers once, but the style didn’t suit me. They were fun to make though, so I may try again. I bet you’ll make loads now as they must be good for using up remnants.

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