What am i thinking?!

Hi All!

Guess what….. I have decided to take part in the Asda Foundation 10K Run in Hull on the Sunday 19th June 2016! What have a let myself in for LOL

I’ve done a few 5K’s a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the atmosphere and the satisfaction of raising monies for a good cause! So i thought well why not i was wanting to get all fit and healthy again and with this coming round soon it was perfect motivator 🙂

So my Charity of choice for my fundraising is Macmillan Cancer Support


Its a real good Charity that supports people with all Cancers and offer people help and advice to those who need including loved ones that aren’t affected by the disease. There is also an online Community to share experiences, ask questions or just to share their emotions  and find others who understand also.

So there is many ways to be in contact not just by face to face but by phone and online too so no one has to be alone.

So if anyone would like to sponsor me then use this link where you will be directed to my justgiving page 🙂 Just by donating £5 can help provide counselling to someone dealing with the impact of cancer.

I will have some sewing tutorials up on the blog soon I’m just in the process of making bits so watch this space!

Sal x


4 thoughts on “What am i thinking?!

  1. Good luck! I’ve recently gotten into running and not got past a 5K so really admire any one who goes any further. Or any one who just gets off the couch! When I’ve pressed the link to go to your just giving page it says access denied. Not sure if the link is broken or it’s me!??


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