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Hurrah!! I can finally show you guys my top secret projects……

My word it has been extremely hard for me to keep my trap shut about these beauties! When Lisa Lam was looking for Pattern Testers for a new range of bag making kits, how could i say no?!! I’ve never attempted any sort of bag before so these were ideal as these are aimed at the beginner! I was really honured that she said yes to me!!! I’ve followed Lisa’s blog for ages and seen her work in Sewing Magazines but never took the plunge before till now!

Lisa kindly provided me with the patterns and all the materials needed to construct the bags okay i provided the thread and wonder clips lol! If you haven’t used wonderclips before you are missing out on something huge! They are such a life saver when trying to pin bulky fabrics together or an alternative for using pins when you have delicate fabric. You can buy them here.

Easy Peasy Purse



Just as the title says its that easy! especially with a sew in purse frame it does come together quite quick and do like the thread showing on the purse frame it gives a bit vintage glam to it. the fabrics work so well together!

Sunny Specs Case



Never thought of a need for sunglasses case but with this ever so cute case well why not and with the added metal chain you can carry them round in style! Or put your glasses for work in somewhere safe and stylish lol!

Sugar Loaf Pouch



When i first saw this of thought oh no, how i am going to get this to look just like the photo! But with Lisa’s clear instructions it was a breeze and it is really roomy, i can see myself making these as christmas pressies! They are adorable but i finding im just keep this for show rather than using it as its so pretty!

Simply Smart Clutch



A first proper clutch for me and to say it has 2 compartments and to fix a buckle and a strap it was real easy to make together! I use mine now to hold my phone in and cards and change and it is that secure that it keeps everything all in! As you can see even receipts can keep in there too!! LOL

Simply Smart Shopper




What perfect timing with the 5p carrier bag charge in larger supermarkets in England i always have this beauty in my handbag as it folds up so nicely or just carrying it about on your shoulder or get your kids to carry it for you as i do lol! I was a bit scared of using magnetic snaps as i ave never used them before but with following the instructions and marking accurately they fit perfectly and with a few fiddly sewing it does come together nicely and well worth the effort!

So if you want to get your mits on any of these kits they are available online from Plush Addict from 19th October or alternatively please ask your favourite independent shops to stock them.

I now have Lisa’s book – The Bag Making Bible: The Complete Guide to Sewing and Customizing Your Own Unique Bags as it isn’t that scary to make your own bags! So if I can make some then anyone else can have a go!! 

Have a fabby weekend!

Sal x


4 thoughts on “Hurrah!! I can finally show you guys my top secret projects……

  1. What a lot of sewing! You did well keeping all that hush! I’ve been eyeing up those wonder clips for a while… I think they may go on my Christmas wish list! Well done on all the gorgeous bags.

    Liked by 1 person

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