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I’ve made a Francoise!!



Hey all!

I’ve finally got round to making the Francoise from Tilly and the Buttons, where you can buy it from Weaverdee here

I did have to grade inbetween sizes here so it was a bit fiddly when it came to altering the darts but i managed to get it right the only issue i have is the back of the shoulders….its quite baggy so I’m not sure what occurred there maybe next time maybe go a size smaller for the shoulders for the fit to be exact. But hey ho!

I’ve used the ever so gorgeous Polyviscose Tartan Fabric in Purple, Grey, Black & White. The Fabric has a nice weight to it and it’s not thick for a dress and with it being 150cm wide and only £4.80 a metre it’s a winner in my eyes! For the contrast collar and sleeves I’ve used Black Woburn Cotton Drill, It is a bit thick for making the collar but it was great for the sleeves.


A big thank you for Antony at Weaverdee for providing me the Fabric, Zip, Thread and Pattern to use and to review, Def a must see shop as they have wide range of products and very speedy delivery!

So please click on the link on my sidebar where you will receive 10% off using Discount Code SALLY10, so whats stopping you having a nosey?! Happy shopping!

Sal x

4 thoughts on “I’ve made a Francoise!!

  1. Love the dress!
    I’ve got that fabric and thinking about making a pencil skirt with it. How is it to sew? I’m still learning my way with sewing and struggle with slippery fabric.


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