A Simple Vest Top….

Morning folks! Hope you’ll been keeping well, sorry I’ve been off the radar. I’ve been making loads and can’t publish the projects just yet so watch this space!

Well i thought i would make a simple vest top using New Look Pattern 6285……  Well how wrong was i?!!! It looks so innocent just sat there doesn’t it….


The instructions were very clear to read its just down to the sizing that’s where the problem is!! I measured myself according to the packet instructions and cut out the fabric and sew together but its just too big!!! 😦

But thankfully it still looks good after throwing a cardi over the arm bits and tuck it into my skirt no one will ever know….well except for you guys reading this but to the untrained eye i will be safe!! mwhahahaha!


I’ve used the ever so quirky Seagull bird silhouette in black on heather grey signature cotton blend jersey knit. The Fabric has a nice stretch and it’s not heavy for a top so it’s a winner in my eyes! For the contrast binding on the neckline and armholes I’ve used Black Combed Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric.

A big thank you for Mark at GirlCharlee for providing me the fabric to use and to review, I will be certainly be using them to buy my jersey knits for my future projects as they are plenty of fun and quirky prints which you never find anywhere else.

So please click on the link on my sidebar where you will receive 10% off for new customers and free shipping, so whats stopping you having a nosey?! Happy shopping!

Sal x

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